Stop Posting About Among Us Lyrics

Song Details: Stop Posting About Among Us Lyrics by ​martianboy. The song name is Stay Inside which is sung by ​martianboy ft. Homer Misnomer.

Stop Posting About Among Us Lyrics

I was in a server, right?
And ALL OF THE CHANNELS were just among us stuff
I-I showed my champion underwear to my girlfriend and t-the logo I flipped it and I said “hey babe, when the underwear is sus HAHA DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DI DI DING”
I f^^king looked at a trashcan and said “THAT’S A BIT SUSSY”
I looked at my pen^s, I think of the astronauts helmet and I go “PEN^S? MORE LIKE PENSUS”
[Man screams as he dies]

You act like a sussy imposter, foster, walk with the sussy sus posture
Like Old Bando, I am your father
I’m in your bed, just like a monster. (Yeah)
Yo mama still live in a teepee, ate so much sugar I got diabetes
Took melatonin now I’m feeling sleepy
Like EmBee, I blew up Malaysia
I got a bad b^^ch, she from somewhеre in Asia
Don’t go to my school, so I just gotta find her
I stay in my home, I bе rockin’ designer
Get out my face, b^^ch you lookin like Big Bird
Glock to your nose got you lookin like Squidward
Got my ice raining, it lookin like winter

You smell like you vented, yeah, and I meant it
The imposter is sus so I had to eject him
You smell like you sabotaged, you think you have it all
I got so much money, I think that I’ll drown in guap

Hey, hey, hey, you lookin pretty sus
Feeling pretty gutsy, got so much money
Eject the imposter, your [?] on my daughter
I’mma take [?] to the locker-room
These racks be hitting me hard, got money in my yard
I be playing the right cards, I vandalize all cop cars
I saw these haters just creeping up among us
I be smoking up crack all on the bus
You’re acting weird, I saw you vent, you’re pretty sus
I think that you just might be the imposter among us (Skrt, skrt!)

Red sus, red sus, going in the vent among us
Got the knife out, in for the kill, that Death Note
Watch out, duck down
[?], move down your bus, you acting pretty sus
You on crack, you must, sussy sussy sussy
You’re being so god-damn sus (Aye, aye!)

Gonna get fucking ejected, b^^ch
Your sussy actions have previously been rejected, b^^ch
You’re going down, there is no more pretending, b^^ch
This is it, you’re getting [?] are ending, b^^ch

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