No Justice deutsche Übersetzung von Ty Dolla $ign

See my shit is getting worse before it’s getting better
It’s like the people got a curse, can’t nobody stay together
I watch you gun my people down, plus we’re killing off each other, no, ooh oh
Ain’t no justice for the brothers, no, no

See you praying like behind in this car
Only thing he thinking is this could be the end of me
So officer, what’s the problem?
It’s like every time I turn around you people always messing with me
He say you look suspicious
And you fit the description of a call about a robbery
Then some more cops came
I keep my hands where they can see ’em, I know this could be the end of me
They say that, we are all created equal but ain’t nothing about us equal
You know that (You know that)
There can never be no justice when killing us is legal
Somebody’s gotta take a stand
Sacrifice and be a man
Somebody’s gotta take a stand, no, no

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