Mach mich nicht verliebt deutsche Übersetzung von Jennifer Rostock

Your kiss just exposes my jealousy
The Window you’re leaning from is sinfully large
You taste like apathy and flat beer
and even worse – you taste like her

Fault and pride play russian roulette
Your glance takes my doubts to bed
You just smile and you ego reaches far above the roof
But when you look at me I get weak

Don’t make me lovesick, no more being lovesick
Don’t make me lovesick, no more being lovesick
Your laugh knows to dazzle,when there’s nothing to laugh at
Don’t look at me this way,don’t make me weak
Don’t make me lovesick

A fish won’t become a bird if it sings
And a bird is not a fish just because it stinks
With a poker-face and hate up our sleeves, we look at each other and everybody’s raging when they can

Just a loud word is a good word, is what you say
But the louder I speak, the less you’re listening
You can bite me! But you also know how to make my blood boil but the flesh stays weak and raw

Don’t make me lovesick…

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