Klartext deutsche Übersetzung von DieLochis

And they say: We do it just for the money.
And they fight arguments in their world.
And they ask, is everything you do will be made available?
And I want to say that passion is what keeps us.

We started to produce on YouTube videos.
Since it was not even possible to monetize this.
So please, cry softly.
Humor is for everyone.
You say it’s shit, a million find it great!

And the people who we believe do anything themselves, would immediately other skin conditions, because here nothing is found.

Every day after school: texts or turning. Or maps produced. go to ‘nem Meeting.

We are just puppets.
All Fake!
All Hate!
So a bullshit!
From the beginning, we were self-made!
Yet it is clear that not everyone likes, but we do our thing through!

Because no one keeps us more, Yeah!

You swear on any rushing stories! From an invented. stupid, geglaubt.hah! Sorry! Schizophrenische blogs that just talk shit! With its zero-mill information without questioning.

That should not be a Diss-strake. Or some shit, no! We want to also not around crying, because so small we are no longer even. Do’s now understood. Are not lifted, but will probably end up ever again!

No, we do not have a TextWriter, no producers, no gag writer! Even if you do not believe that all comes from us!

The time is gefickt- but it makes us so fun! We will geklickt- motivation is here!

Catching but also easy to make videos. Maintain your channel, includes your whole life. And then we meet. Again in ‘nem year. And suddenly you’re a fan. And mean, the plain language … it is true

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