I Can Finally Sing Again Belle Lyrics – Taisei Iwasaki

I Can Finally Sing Again Belle Lyrics is sung by Taisei Iwasaki. I Can Finally Sing Again Belle Lyrics is written by Taisei Iwasaki. The name of the song is Belle Medley (English).

Song Details

Song Title Belle Medley (English)
Singer Taisei Iwasaki
Songwriter Taisei Iwasaki

I Can Finally Sing Again Belle Lyrics

Lalalai lalalai
When our heartbeats collide
I won’t mind, in a place we’ve never been before
I wanna know who you are
I wanna know it all

The moment that life hits you
You can’t avoid the issue
You’re disconnected from the world you thought you were part of

Stand up, the part’s over here
Come one, come all jump into the fire
Step in, you are whatever you wanna be
You are free just like all of us are

Dance away a world you nevеr loved from the start
It’s our ride to thе future, are you ready to depart?

What it’s unique body sharing technologyU is able to draw out a user’s hidden strengthI can finally sing again

Lalalai lalalaiWhen our heartbeats collideI won’t mind, in a place we’ve never been beforeI’m reaching out for the moon and stars beyond it

Lalalai lalalai
Is it you I will find?
Though I feel left behind sometimes when you close the door
We didn’t waste our time here it’s now or never

[Gales of Song]
But not that you’ve gone
I have to move on
Seems like everyone
Just smile staring at the sun

But what about me?
Tell me how I will know where I should go?
Oh gales, you sing and guide me!

I walk alone
There’s more to life I have to know
It’s just me, lost so far away from home
Alone I shut myself in

Still the winds howl, they call
And their voices lead me
Fales of song, guide me through the storm
Let the melody life me high, I’ll be me

[Lend Me Your Voice]
It’s easy to push me away from you
It isn’t hard, yes I know that’s what you’ll say
It’s what you have told yourself over and over again
In darkness
You try to hold back all the thoughts

Lend me your voice
Let me see your face
Let me start to show you what I see
Bring me close
Let me come and sit by the fire
Just let me come close to your heart

[A Million Miles Away]
Light glimmers in a flower
Like jewels in a dream
The sky breathes life
Love to everything

Come back to me, and stay by my side
I feel my heart shake
Come, ease this ache
I’m standing over here, reaching for you
A million miles away
Come back and stay

Sing, let your heart soar! Sing forever!
Sad and so happy!
Feelings flow over, now

Our world is full of all kinds of colors
Closing my eyes I still can see the stars
Shine in the sky, sing their harmony
Flowers, they’re blooming
Oh it’s beautiful

Sing this song, I won’t stop now
Sing it through, I love you
The voice carries on

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