Der Mond ist aufgegangen English translation von Nena

The moon is risen, beaming
The golden stars are gleaming
So brightly in the skies
The hushed, black woods are dreaming
The mists, like phantoms seeming
From meadows magically rise

How still the world reposes
While twilight round it closes
So peaceful and so fair
A quiet room for sleeping
Into oblivion steeping
The day’s distress and sober care

Look at the moon so lonely
One half is shining only
Yet she is round and bright
Thus oft we laugh unknowing
At things that are not showing
That still are hidden from our sight

We, with our proud endeavour
Are poor vain sinners ever
There’s little that we know
Frail cobwebs we are spinning
Our goal we are not winning
But straying farther as we go

God, make us see Thy glory
Distrust things transitory
Delight in nothing vain
Lord, here on earth stand by us
To make us glad and pious
And artless children once again

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