Der Flohmarkt Ruft feat. Herr Spiegelei deutsche Übersetzung von Deichkind

Flea market’s calling with sausage and digeridoo,
If you need games or even new shoes, just go.
Flea market’s calling, everything clatters and makes dust.
Maybe you will find something you need.

Once a month I visit the flea market
A vinyl by Crowbar, Bay City Rollers, Blowfly, The Phantom of the Opera.
Just sober again. Just got out of coma.
Looks like Grandma’s vase.
The coat is rotting.
2-Euro-Prose, shining eyes.

I’ve got an eye on the Vans,
I think I’ll take them
And the hometrainer by Kettler
I have it myself.
Is the saddle adjustable?
Cool machete,
But way to expensive.
Come on, let’s bargain,
I don’t have that much.
Give me the free weights as well
And we’ll both be satisfied.

Come in and sneak around,
Dive in and change clothes
A booth by the NPA,
that candlestick over there

The dress from H&M,
The button’s gone.
The helmet is too small for me
Beautiful necklace, is it amber?
A crêpe with applesauce
before I search on.
A “How and Why” book,
That’s fun for children.
That fur isn’t correct,
It’s too scuffed.
You’ll probably find something,
Come on, go a bit further on.

My pasting table, it’s wiggling and sags.
What do you want to pay for this nice castle by Playmobil.
All my stuff, I don’t get it sold.
I won’t carry it again, I won’t do that to me.
1000 kilo Brockhaus, a mighty thing.
Sweater by Marc O’Polo, come and smell the quality.
Twentz for that Gameboy, I can’t change a banknote.
The booth-fee is way too high, I won’t ever gain it.

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