Bring Forth the Guillotine deutsche Übersetzung von Silver Bullet

Verse 1
Race wid the rapid rappin style bass,
Reincarnate delivery embark the case,
Re-advise the sucker who came to suckle on sound,
Retaliate in the dance if they wont be down,
Dictator of rap to demolish devastate,
Pumpkin producer predict participate,
Devise on the mic to deviate twelve,
Ladies love in the corner,
Ammo recks the bells,
Seducing seductive coincide kill constructive,
Sucker in the side so what destruct him,
Detonation ammo decides when to slice
& when his cuts perfect his cute precise,
No time to break tic tac toe or take,
Select like a snake or fuckers fake,
Mystic mutualism rhymes like a wizard,
Motivate the motorcade for B-exorcism,
Possees mundane multiplying mutineers,

Fabricating facist fuckers in fear,
Managers evil large like everest,
Evan executioner evacates pests,
Evalate the rhyme evalute the line,
Evade the year 89 ‘cos It’s mine,
No!! pacification in the rhyme revelation,
This the new generation cold collin’ creation,
Bring in the lawyer propel paranoia,
Bring forth the guillotine
Bring forth the guillotine
Bring forth the guillotine
Verse 2
Experimental experience kill at an extent,
My expert expertise comes over like cement,
Hold my mic proud like excaliber,
Nuff respect to the demons all man call me sir,
Evidently my rhyme left evidence of death,
New evolution of rap is potent in my breath,
Proclamate my production, UK pacification,
Possee is large due to interrogation,
Rhyme participation could cause invasion,
Trying to bring up the B-boyism in the nation,
The way Isay my lyrics you’d think it’s a race,
Nuff respect to the UK. USA pick up the pace.
Packin in my lyrics proceed the procession,
Every next twelve inch guaranteed for progression,
Nuff respect westwood large wid n sign,
Now it’s time to make room for Silver Bullets’ rhyme,
Media suckers nothin’ but exploiters,
Detonation ammo propel paranoia,
Wake up the kraken unleash the heat,
Peel back you shirt & inject the beat,
Kool like a zephyr bun up like zeppelin,
Livin’ in zenith it’s only the beginning,
Zodiacal zones I’ve overthrown call the rhyme my own
I’m in the twighlight zone- Loaf on da scene cause lobectomy
I told these rhymes would infect ya see
Givin you a chance to enhance ya rants
Possees in effect dance….
Bring forth the Guillotine
Bring forth the guillotine
Verse 3
Causin’ radiation the radiant rader
Back the rhythm an I’ll have to kill Ya
Conquest of the earth looks set in control
Hip-Hops gone beyond the thunderdome,
Rat-Tat-Tat Dis’ rip up wax, to all transformers scat,
Connect control co-advise the crack
Cause crush cranium coy crap I lack
Ya craven crawler I’m a cool creation
Sustain the credit clenched crass collision
Detonations demonic doin damnable deeds
Causin daltonism damage at a higher degree
Damnify destruct corrupt & conduct
Danger in the ranks do ya dare defy
Left in adaze by beatbox darkside
You’re stuck fast whilst I’m dead in damnulation
Can you feel death reapers interrogation
This ordeal to kill for real that’s the deal
The debris will swill while the rhyme just bills
Rescue my reputation as a rappin resident
Reserve or resign recall requeim
Resistence is we retaliate
Ressurection of rap restored up to date
Give me the mic revive restoration
Re-struct my lyrics total domination
Said I’d return now I’m back to burn
My concern is to learn how to run a firm
Detonation ammo full moon scratch
Bring forth the guillotine
Bring forth the guillotine
The criminal diversion possee is criminal
So ya callin’ me a hypocrite right!!
Yo, Evil E, claim vengeance

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