Bin ich nur glücklich, wenn es schmerzt English translation von Böhse Onkelz

I show you what it means to be alone
I drink tears, black wine
I follow you into the night
Till the abyss of your soul I descend
I’ll search for her who will make me cry
Love’s getting you addicted, drunk and blind
I search for the way out of the void
Which defines my life

I’ll let it rain tears

Am I only happy if it hurts
Am I only happy if it hurts
I gift my frozen heart to you
I want you to warm it for me

I get lost, nothing’s clear anymore
I’m where nobody was before
Not able to love, or do I love the agony
Do I love the pain, am I not normal
I’ll search for her bringing my soul home
I’ll search for the one I’m singing this songs for
Just one night in my room
We wake up and live forever
I’ll let it rain tears

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