Are You New Here TikTok Trend – Mean Girls

Are You New Here Trend On TikTok. Are you new here? Cooley asked a friend. Yeah, the friend replied.

Are You New Here TikTok Trend

Are You New Here


A Mean Girls-inspired sketch has inspired a new meme on TikTok.

If you’ve seen enough teen movies, you’re probably familiar with this scene: a new kid arrives at school, only to instantly be rejected by the popular kids. TikTokers are having a field day playing with the hilarious trope to roast all of the misfits in their lives.

“Are you new here?” sound origins on TikTok

“Are you new here?” Cooley asked a friend.

“Yeah,” the friend replied.

Then Cooley made an over-the-top grimacing face and folded her arms as she exited the room in disgust. Cooley’s sketch spawned a meme where people reenact her clip to make others feel like outsiders. The sound has been used in over 60,000 videos.

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